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Business blogs have seen a huge surge in growth over recent years. For companies, they afford an opportunity to provide customers with news and information, to voice opinions and to engage directly with interested individuals. More than a mere ‘soap box’, they represent a valuable  mechanism for forging new relationships and assessing market reactions.

Blogs can keep customers informed about new developments and they can even be used to encourage feedback – a useful commodity if you’re planning important changes in the business.  They are also important because they create opportunities for content to be shared; if you’ve posted something of genuine interest and value, there’s a good chance that visitors will take note and then share your content via their own social media channels. It’s the digital equivalent of ‘word of mouth’ and it can be a great way of spreading awareness about your organisation and what you do.

Of course, planning a series of blogs, generating the content and writing the posts all take time and to do it well takes experience. If time is a scare commodity in your company (and when isn’t it?) then WebLeap can offer a comprehensive service that takes care of the whole operation.

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