Website Launch

Website Launch

Giving your site the best possible start

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Website Launch

Giving your website a good start is vital if it’s going to start earning its keep so we don’t walk away the moment your site goes live. We’ll work with you for website launch and promote your new website to all your key markets, and show you how you can monitor the results using tools that will give you a real insight into how your customers are responding.

Website promotion

It’s exciting when you see your new website launched online for the first time but it’s important to be realistic; it will take time for the search engines to find it and for it to work its way up the rankings. Rather than simply wait, it’s therefore usually a good idea to take active steps to promote your website.

As professionals with experienced of both online and offline marketing, we can show you how to use a whole raft of different communications channels to capture the market’s attention and compel them to visit your site. For example, you can announce the launch by:

  • Posting the news on any existing social media channels
  • Issuing news releases to online and printed news media
  • Using existing customer databases to issue email alerts or a newsletter
  • Featuring your website address on your literature, stationery, packaging, signage and any directory listings
  • Asking customers, suppliers and stakeholders to spread the word

We can help you use some or all of these as part of a planned marketing campaign. We can also show you how to make best use of pay-per-click and online display advertising.

Website monitoring

Properly installed, used and interpreted, free monitoring and website management features like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools can shed a great deal of light on how your customers – and the big search engines – really view your site. Which pages do customers most often land on? How long do they stay? Which pages grab their attention and which ones seem to lose their interest? By examining the data, you can gather vital information that can help you refine your messages, adapt your structure and, step by step, increase the appeal of your website.

At Web Leap, we espouse the view that measurement is essential for proper management so we value these tools and will be happy not only to install them for you but to make sure you know how to get the most from them.

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