Pay Per Click

Delivering controlled, cost-effective exposure

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Pay Per Click

Unlike traditional display advertising, which reaches its audiences through newspapers, magazines, billboards and the like, pay per click advertising (PPC) can be targeted very precisely with little or no waste. As experienced digital marketers, we’ll show you how to launch a PPC campaign that delivers cost effective results whilst keeping you firmly in control of your budget.

PPC adverts – such as the ‘sponsored listings’ often seen besides Google’s search results – can be a very efficient and affordable method of engaging the attention of customers, but only if the campaign is properly set up. Pay per click advertising allows you to decide where your adverts are shown, based on a number of factors that our analysts can help you determine. Some of these include:

  • One or more clearly defined search phrases
  • Geographic location
  • Date and time
  • Budget
  • Target media – i.e. on which websites the PPC advert will appear

Using a selection of relevant key words and placed on relevant websites, pay per click adverts will direct traffic to your own website from people or businesses that are interested in your products and services. Properly employed, pay per click advertising will ensure that customers visit your website for all the right reasons.

Importantly, PPC advertisers can set their own budgets by limiting their expenditure to a fixed amount per week or month and by deciding for themselves how much they are willing to pay for a click through to their site. This also reveals another important feature of PPC, which is that advertisers only pay when a customer actively clicks on their advert; otherwise it simply provides a little free brand exposure.

Recently, Google Shopping and Product Listing Advertisements (PLAs) have emerged as another important market trend. They afford an effective way for merchants to provide a data feed of their products, and – as with conventional forms of PPC – to pay for traffic on a cost -per-click basis. These adverts can often be significantly more powerful and relevant than standard AdWords text advertisements because they can also feature product images, seller ratings and selectable features.

New opportunities arise all the time in the digital marketplace, so it pays to have an expert you can talk to. Web Leap can show you how to set up your campaign to take advantage of all these features and, crucially, how to monitor the results on an ongoing basis so you can measure the return on your investment.


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