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Link Building

One of the ways in which leading search engines assess the importance and credibility of a website is to measure the number and quality of the websites that link to it. This assessment can play an important role in determining the site’s ranking in search results. With this in mind, Web Leap offers an effective service for link building websites that works in tandem with your SEO work.

The digital marketing world has seen more changes in the past two years than over the last 10 years combined, thanks to the release of Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates. Both have changed online marketing best practices, including everything from how sites should be built to how “backlinks” should be created.

Links that go from another site to yours are called backlinks because they point back to your pages. Building these links, which point back to your website, can help improve your site’s search engine optimization (SEO).

Links can come from almost anywhere – suppliers’ websites, online directories, personal blogs and so on – but the ones that carry the most weight are those that are considered popular and credible. A link from a respected trade magazine or national online news site will tend to have greater impact on rankings than a link from a site that receives little or no traffic, or from disreputable sites that exist solely for the purpose of passing on links.

Like the big search engines, which have become very good at identifying which platforms are genuinely valuable, we focus our efforts on sites that will have a direct bearing on your site’s popularity and ranking. Which sites those are will depend on your markets but examples include industry directories, technical blogs, social media platforms, customer review sites and well known news media.

The process of identifying suitable link sources – and then securing inbound links to your site – requires careful research, an experienced eye, and good communication and analytical skills. It’s also a discipline that dovetails very effectively with other popular marketing tools such as public relations and blogging. As experts in digital marketing, we can help you will all of these things.

Whatever it takes, we’ll work hard to secure the links your site needs to maintain a prominent position in your sector. For more details on how WebLeap can help you with link building and similar challenges, please get in touch.


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