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Online Marketing Strategy

In this phase, we work with you to develop practical strategies for achieving your goals. We’ll recommend effective online marketing strategy with tools, actions and communication channels that will deliver the results you need whilst also saving you time and money.

This is the stage of the project in which we produce detailed technical recommendations and work with you to ensure that you remain in touch and in control. It is very much about agreeing a solution together and being entirely clear on the intended outcomes.

For a new website development project, one very important strategic consideration is how your customers will find you. What search terms will they use in an effort to discover businesses like yours? Knowing how customers behave – and how that behaviour changes over time – is an important part of any search engine optimisation strategy – and that’s why we’ll help you tackle these questions in simple, manageable steps. We’ll look at the choice of initial key phrases and how to ’embed’ them in your website from the outset; we’ll look at how you track visitor behaviour and how to interpret what the data is telling you; and, of course, we’ll help you set out a plan of action for improving and updating your site on an ongoing basis to help ensure it stays foremost in your customers’ minds.

The scope of the project might be very narrow – such as developing some new software or adding a special feature to your existing site – or it might encompass multiple elements that require a range of specialisms and careful planning. Whether it demands only technical input or a mix of design, marketing and project management skills, we can put all the necessary resources at your disposal.

Growing your customer base is your business. Ensuring you succeed is ours.

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