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Content Writing

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Content Writing

Fresh, unique content is one of the internet’s most valuable commodities. It attracts visitors, it gives them a reason to return and it’s a factor that Google in particular regards as especially important. Web Leap can help you select the right topics and produce professionally written articles that are clear, eloquent and persuasive with their content writing services.

Good copywriting has become increasingly important in recent years because of the significance that search engines attach to blogs, news items and user-generated content. The rise of social media has created endless opportunities for articles to be shared and recommended, but businesses only derive the benefit from this multiplier effect if their content is clear, well written and well informed.

Of course, good writing also plays a vital role in making a positive first impression so it’s also a key element of any new website development project. This is true whether you’re aiming at consumers or a very specialist technical audience; in every case, the message must be tailored to the readership and our writers are experts in doing exactly that.

We cater for a diverse range of writing projects and we can deliver the results you need. When you work with us, you will be allocated your own dedicated writer, so the style and quality of your content will remain consistently high.

Below are examples of the type of services we provide:

  • Initial content writing for websites
  • Writing engaging e-commerce copy
  • Producing eye-catching articles and posts for blogs and social media
  • SEO copy written by specialists

Writing optimised copy is a challenging task because one must balance the demands of SEO with the needs of one’s customers. Text content should be fluid, clear and easy to read and, of course, it must also help to persuade your customers to act. Ideally, it should also include a natural-sounding balance of important key phrases, so that your site signals to the leading search engines what the content is really about. Fortunately, in more recent times, the best search engines have become very sophisticated and those that put their customers’ needs first also tend to be the ones that fare best in the search rankings.

At WebLeap, we’ll make sure that your site makes the right first impression, that it delivers clarity to the search engines and, most importantly, that it encourages your customers to engage with you.

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