E-commerce Website Design

E-commerce Website Design

Making the most of the digital marketplace

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E-Commerce Website Design

E-commerce websites are now part of everyday life; whether you’re ordering your groceries, comparing insurance or purchasing your next holiday, it’s become second nature to do it online. As an accomplished e-commerce developer, Web Leap will help you make the most of an ever-growing digital marketplace with their expertise in e-commerce website design.

Our e-commerce design team uses a blend of best practice methodologies and the latest design techniques to create professional sites with real impact. Looking at the increasing trend in mobile internet usage, it’s easy to appreciate the importance of mobile visitors, so making your e-commerce website responsive to mobile and tablet devices should make a substantial difference to your online sales.

We’ll customise your e-commerce website to your specific requirements. We’ll ensure it supports all aspects of your business and, where appropriate, we’ll integrate it with other critical systems such as stock control and accounts.

We tailor our e-commerce solutions according to your company’s size, target audience and budget. We can also integrate elements such as social media and banner advertising, as well as a raft of other marketing, data-gathering and customer relationship management tools.

Our e-commerce website developers are also very experienced when it comes to the things you might not have considered. Issues such as page load speeds and image optimisation are important, as is the use of ‘search engine friendly’ URLs. Page redirection, copywriting, data manipulation and payment gateway integration (PayPal, SagePay, Barclays ePDQ, WorldPay etc.) all play a role in making an e-commerce website successful. Thankfully, the challenge needn’t be daunting; we’ll always be on hand to provide guidance, support and a safe pair of hands.

Integration into your accounts and stock control, order management

Integrate products, stock and orders directly into your sales order processing software.

Product & stock integration

Upload basic data or full product data from your internal systems, ensuring SKU/product identity consistency. This information can be enhanced for Search Engine Optimisation purposes using the online administration portal.

Order integration

Orders taken online can be directly integrated into your accounts systems (e.g. Sage Line 50, Sage 200, order fulfilment systems and other third party systems), removing the need to re-enter order information and thereby improving the speed and accuracy of order processing.

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