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Email Marketing Campaigns

Your customer database can be one of your most valuable assets, provided that you understand how to use it. Web Leap can show you how to encourage visitors to talk with you, how you can capture their details and how you can go on to forge mutually beneficial relationships with email marketing campaigns.

One of the simplest forms of direct marketing is using basic email to send key messages to a group of recipients. Contact lists can be purchased, researched or built up using your own customer data, and the content can include vouchers, promotional codes, video and more. As a form of communication, it is quick and inexpensive and, provided that you convey the right messages, it can be very cost effective.

Email marketing gives great flexibility. and it can work for pretty much any kind of business. It doesn’t matter whether you sell houses, lingerie, or consulting; you can get lots of sales as long as you use the right email marketing strategy in the right place. And you can promote practically anything relating to your business—you aren’t limited to sending links to your sales pages.

At Web Leap, we can help you with such activities if that’s what you want, but we believe there’s a lot more that a forward-thinking business can do.

If you have a customer database – or even just the intention of building one – then that can be the start of a much more productive relationship that benefits both parties. Whether you use existing in-house systems or whether you’re interested in purchasing one of the many customer relationship management software packages now available, we can show you how to make optimal use of them. You’ll be able to keep your customer contact details up to date, all in one place, and to keep track of every client so you know exactly where they stand in terms of their readiness and willingness to buy. CRM can open the doors to all manner of efficiency savings, to greatly improved repeat business and to improved customer loyalty.

We’ll help you to launch a customer relationship management campaign through which you’ll get a clear and accurate insight into what your customers really want – in other words, a blueprint for developing your products, services and promotional activities so as to earn real brand loyalty and a significant improvement in sales.


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