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Content Management Systems

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Content Management Systems

The purpose of using a CMS is to make website content updates quick and easy. Using a simple, secure web interface, you can add, edit and remove content as often as you wish – even while you’re on the move. It’s quick and easy and, best of all, you don’t need website design skills to do it.

There are a number of choices to be made when choosing a good CMS system. We will guide you through this process during our initial discussions to ensure you make the right choice for your business.

The main reason that our customers opt for a content management system is that they want the ability to control their own website’s content and appearance. Equipped with nothing more than an internet connection, a user name and password, they can log in and change text, images, links – even the site’s structure, navigation panel and the number of pages it has. Keeping product details and prices up to date is a breeze, and news and blog posts can be added at the touch of a button.

Keeping a site up to date is also important in terms of search engine rankings; all else being equal, a site that is frequently updated will tend to rank more highly than one that has been left unchanged for many weeks. Being able to add fresh and unique content to your site on a regular basis is therefore an essential part of gaining page rankings, and a CMS website will allow you to achieve this without the need to hire in additional technical skills.

Of course, we’ll never insist that clients handle their own website maintenance; we’ll merely suggest that using a CMS to perform your own updates can be a very effective way of keeping costs to a minimum. For those customers who would like someone to take care of routine website maintenance, we’ll be very happy to oblige.

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